Teodor Bjerrang


Teodor Bjerrang
ADF &lt;&gt; FLOPPY

ADF to -> 3.5″

Nothing beats playing a game like on the original Amiga computer!


Unfortunately, after 25 years your floppies may not work. So here is my quick guide back to heaven.

I installed an IDE adapter / CF card on my A4000. You can get a similar one at amigastore.eu or via ebay.

I can now transfer all the ADF files (Amiga Disk File) from my Mac over to my Amiga (via the CF card) and then write them back on to a new 3.5” floppy using TrackSaver.


wohoo.. I can now play R-Type II again.

3.5″ to -> ADF

Armiga Project


I use it to dump all my old Amiga floppies over to the SD card. Connected via the network I can access the Armiga directly from ftp. The emulator also work perfectly with HDMI output.

Most of the software/games ever released on the Amiga/C64 you can find online.