Teodor Bjerrang

Back from Antarctica

Teodor Bjerrang
Back from Antarctica

After returning from Antarctica my photos have been used in several presentations, books and exhibitions.

Antarctic Quest presentation at Voksenåsen Friday 6th of November 2004

Antarctic Quest presentation at Voksenåsen Friday 6th of November 2004

Exhibition at Frammusset in Oslo 2017.

From the C.A. Larsen — Explorer, Whaler & Family Man exhibition at The Fram Museum

Hounorud that so many of the new photos from the Antarctica used in the exhepition was my photos.


Two books has been published featuring many of my photos from the trip.

Carl Anton Larsen’s diaries
From the Jason and Antarctic expeditions to Antarctica, 1892–1904. Norwegian language, 448 pages. ISBN: 978–82–8235–075–4

C.A. Larsen: Explorer, Whaler & Family Man
English, 384 pages. ISBN: 978–82–8235–080–8

CA Larsen Book.jpeg


Thank you to the following people for making this amazing trip happened and for sharing their knowledge about the history of the Antarctic Expeditions and Antarctica in general.

Hans-Kjell Larsen
Grandson of Antarctic pioneer captain C. A. Larsen.

Kim Baumann Larsen
Great grandson of captain C. A. Larsen.

Robert K. Headland
Curator at Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) in Cambridge.

Dr. Michael Thomson
Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), Cambridge.

Brian P Hanson
Vice President (Chapters) of the Explorers Club, New York.

Dr. Ricardo Capdevila
Curator at Direccion National del Antartico in Buenos Aires.

Kjell Ove Storvik
Antarctic and Arctic photographer.

Børge Ousland
Polar explorer.

Pablo Wainschenker
Antarctic Treaty Secretariat

The crew 
of the Expedition Vessel M/V Grigoriy Mikheev

Most of the geographical facts on this post is borrowd from Wikipedia.